Why getting your FutureLearn certificate is easier than you think

Gaining a certificate is so simple and could be the key that helps to unlock your careers potential.

Certificate of completion of FutureLearn course – Why planning your research matters

You might ask why this is. Well for me I decided to be a product of the product. I currently work on developing courses with FutureLearn at the prestigious OU.

So I decided to participate and complete a short course with Deakin and Griffith University – why planning your research matters. This course helped me to formulate my research question and to solidify my study of a course at the OU. The MOOC helped me to plan, structure and finalise my research proposal. It also gave a me a fresh perspective on how other partners use the FutureLearn platform, which all use in many different ways and styles.

The PayPal process and the billing options were simple to navigate through. My only comment to add was that the additional check was longer but needed to alleviate potential fraud happening. As a suggestion would vouchers offered to family, friends and colleagues help towards their learning journey in their career? I think it would help hugely within disadvantage members of the community. Another suggestion is could FutureLearn offer more bitesize chunks in time blocks. So if you commute to work which podcasts could you listen to on your journey? Or if you have 10 to 15 spare what learning could you do and complete fully. To offer my perspective meta data will help in classifying the learning assets and mapping the student workloads too.

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