Learning more about editorial

So I started reading on different books on this subject but I have also discovered a FutureLearn course on writing good essays for degree level.

I realised that FutureLearn has lots of positive learning opportunities. This has enabled me to learn more about what other partners do in their copy within their course content.

In today’s reflection I learned that courses need to be engaging and contain more active learning opportunities. As opposed to all learning being passive or all about just pure acquisition of knowledge as that makes the learning experience too lazy and laid back.

This brings me onto my final point and that is when I check through content this is when I put my teaching hat on. What does that mean. Well I’m checking that the learning content is engaging on different angles. Does the reader understand the content? Is the wording structure correctly written in good correct use of grammar? Are the activities there or is there just article content to read? Have we tested the learners understanding? Did we test too late and not early on? Is there fun tasks we can add that build the learners up? How about assessment have we embedded Briggs constructive alignment; learning outcomes, learning content and assesment all come together as a triangle visual representation.

Are there signposting for individual tasks and collaborative tasks for learners to do. How about building learners ability to use library resources, citation and reference management application like Mendeley. Or do you know how the learning content builds towards the learners assessment, which it should do.

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