Meaningful versus meaningless learning

There is a really poor tendancy to always think that the more courses one completes the more we know.

However, I realise that learning acquires a need to learn and collect evidence of completion for let’s say for example CPD purposes. But what if one was collecting learning certificates for the sake of fueling one’s own ego – then the process of learning becomes disengaging, methodical and possibly meaningless.

There’s real beauty in engaging with our peers, our family, our sangat (Sikh community Punjabi word), our neighbours, our departments, in fact everyone including the universe.

The choice of learning modes enables us to find the best style of consuming learning depending on our mood or context. This could be very beneficial when curating online content for a specific range of purposes.

So going back to my original point that accumulating numerous lists of certificates on xyz, and badge for this and a badge for that – like it has become a hobby to collect them to accumulate by mass rather by specialism turns us into consumers not learners.

So it’s the need to learn more with a good reason rather for the sake of learning. Sometimes just taking a break can be so much more better than cramming in too much and crashing out like we had a sugar rush.

Key takeaways –

Be honest with yourself learn what you really want to learn and not for the sake of learning.

Take a break from learning do something else – read a book or listen to a podcast or talk to someone.

Be real be you – be nice be kind.

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